How to win with LIVE ROULETTE Online?

In this blog we are going to show you and give you some tips on how to win with Online LIVE ROULETTE!

There are a lot of methods and systems on how to win at Live Roulette with Evolution Casino Provider!

Even a new joiner should know already the Black or Red system. Basicly you choose a color and you bet on it until it will come out. Every time opposite color come out, we should double our bet to not get any lose and be always profitable. This is a mathematic method, but sometimes very dangerous if you encounter a very long sequence of opposit color.

Easy win with Black/Red Method

The most important thing in this case is to be patient and wait your moment. With our program you can easily set the delays for all roulettes and wait until the ALERT will advise you to place your bet.

As per Red and Black system, is very difficult to have a sequence of more then 5 Same Color. This is why you have to set the criteria of the alert to 7 or 8 DELAYS and get the pre alert set to 3 turns before. In this case you will get the ALERT at the moment when we will have a sequence of 4 or 5 same color. At this point you place your bet and easy double your bet and stake!


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  • VIP Roulette 
  • Roulette VIP French
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  • Roulette Arabic Roulette
  •  Live alerts allow you to know in real time which games are played most late.
  •  You can set delays and receive alerts directly on your smartphone or PC.
  •  You will be able to better prepare your strategy thanks to this fundamental tool.
  •  You can count on as many as 22 games like colors, horses, triplets, sestines, sector of 5/7/9 of consecutive numbers, etc.
  •  You will have the possibility to receive delays on the combined bets
  •  You will have a certain number of hours to consume on the live alerts page.
  •  You will have the guarantee of at least 200 alerts per day (with default settings).

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